Office Dada

Office Dada is a long term ongoing project.
Phase 1: Destruction of the department store's account books (covering 40
business years).
Phase 2: Rehabilitation of the studio.
Phase 3: Inventing the Storia, through archeological items (photographs, advertisings, architecture and design plans, drawings).

Office Dada
Office Dada est une entreprise sur le long terme.
Phase 1: Destruction des livres de compte du grand magasin (quarante années d'exploitation).
Phase 2: Réhabitilitation de l'atelier.
Phase 3: Ecriture de l'histoire à travers les résidus archéologiques (photographies, publicités, plans d'architecture et de design, dessins).
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Office Dada Archive
Concept and execution: Gregory Buchakjian
the venues:
Phase 1: Beirut, Office Dada, September 18-20, 2008 (no public admittance).
Phase 2:
Beirut, Office Dada, October 10, 2008 (limited public admittance).

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