1 Acte / 2 Pièces is based on an installation in the Theatre de Beyrouth's vitrine during the Shams Festival [March 5 - 27, 2001] acompagnied by daily publications and on people's reactions to the event.

1 Acte / 2 Pièces est basé sur une installation dans la vitrine du Théâtre de Beyrouth [Festival Shams, 5-27 mars 2001] et sur les réactions du public à l’évènement.

Produced by Atelier de Recherche ALBA with the support of Shams and Festival Fraykeh
Edited by Pierre Hage Boutros, Rana Haddad, Gregory Buchakjian
by Roger Assaf, Tony Chakar,  Pierre Hage-Boutros
Leaflets & research: Sana Asseh, Danielle Kattar, Karma Tohmé
Photos: Sana Asseh,
Gregory Buchakjian, Rana Haddad, Leonardo Matossian
64 pages, texts in french & arabic, color & b.w. picture, format 10.5 x 12.5 cm

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